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  • user Adam Magaluk
  • calendar Jun 24, 2014

Zetta JavaScript Apps

Zetta apps are exported module functions, and differ from Drivers and Scouts.

module.exports = function(server) {
  var arduinoQuery = server.where({type: 'arduino'});
  server.observe([arduinoQuery], function(arduino){
    //Work with arduino!
Exported Module – function(server)
  • server Server
Method: Server#where(query)
  • query Object

Generate a query for use inside zetta. All options properties are &&’d together.

var query = server.where({foo: 'bar'});
Method: Server#observe(queries, cb)
  • queries Array of Query
  • cb Function

Wait for devices to come online. Execute the callback when all devices conforming to queries have come online.

var queryFoo = server.where({type: 'foo'});
var queryBar = server.where({type: 'bar'});
server.observe([queryFoo, queryBar], function(foo, bar){