The Internet of Things will impact broad aspects of the human experience. There are significant risks. There are also vast opportunities.

If you want to brainstorm big ideas, report a little bug, build a revolutionary new device or write code for the core platform, we welcome you to the Zetta community.


The Doc Wiki includes getting started tutorials, how-to topics, feature discussions, and reference docs.

Projects walk you step-by-step through the flow of making Internet of Things projects that combine physical and digital technology.

To share IoT projects that you have created read the How to Share a Project guide.


GitHub is the place for all Zetta software development. Check out for platform code, device catalogs and core development discussions.

NPM is the default package manager for the Zetta runtime, toolkits and device drivers.


zetta-discuss is a Google Group mailing list for announcements and discussions about Zetta.

GitHub Issues is the place for tracking Zetta features, bugs and enhancements.

@zettajs is the official Twitter account for Zetta.

iot-craft on Google Groups and @IoTCraft on Twitter is a vendor-neutral, cross-industry community focused on Internet of Things ideas, design patterns and implementations.


Zetta Workshops teach you how to create IoT projects in a hands-on maker environment.

RobotsConf is a technology event for software developers to get an efficient and effective deep dive into the exciting world of hardware development.

O’Reilly Solid Conference brings together the new community gathering at the convergence of physical & digital worlds.

I Love APIs Conference is the conference for business and technology leaders driving digital acceleration with big data and APIs.